Business Advisory and Cost Management

Our approach is to build on existing thinking within an organization, partnering with both executives and staff. Our teams have the expertise to validate strategy and to analyze cost and management information, recommending impactful improvement initiatives:

  • Strategy validation – applying Fredrickon’s Strategy Diamond. This simple framework focuses analysis to determine if the essential elements of a successful business or operating unit strategy are in place.
  • Operating cost optimization – using appropriate financial analysis techniques such as enterprise wide financial reviews and zero-based budgeting. Developing product costing
  • Capital spend prioritization and refinement – improving financial and non-financial returns of both sustaining and development spend through targeted application of payback, internal rate of return, net present value and non-financial metrics
  • Management information enhancement – selecting and organizing key information. Introducing key metrics, developing option and cost benefit analysis

Typical Engagement

We understand the importance of steps 1, 2 and 3 to ensure project success.

Our engagement methodology ensures we provide a tailored approach to meet clients’ needs.

Strategy Diamond

In validating strategy, our teams will:

  • Ensure the business has a sound ‘economic logic’ – refining business models as necessary to ensure profitability
  • Clarify the ‘arenas’ where the business should operate – making sure the business is focused in the right places and working in the right way
  • Optimize the ‘vehicles’ used – finding the right approach to move the business forward
  • Recognize the importance of ‘differentiation’ – identifying opportunities to be different from the competition to win customers and maintain margins
  • Plan ‘staging’ – phasing the execution of initiatives to optimize success