Business Process Analysis

We are experts at the process improvement mapping of business events and the lifecycle of a transaction. Our field work is generally project managed by way of an Agile, Scrum or Waterfall approach to project execution and implementation.

We help our clients’ become more proactive than reactive to the world around them by being their trusted advisors.

Our approach is to be independent and objective while reviewing our clients’ operating model at an enterprise, business unit or departmental level. We examine each step in the lifecycle of a transaction through the organization’s accounting and Information Technology infrastructure and applications.

We are the experts at business process analysis.

Example – Level 1 Cross Functional Diagram

When it comes to corporate efficiency, business process, and automation “know how”, we know how.

Our primary business service is to act as business architects to our clients. We have successfully brought together business process and technology analysis as complementary practice offerings. Our primary goal is to assure that our clients minimize adverse conditions and internal situations, and help them capitalize on their capabilities.