Internal Audit and Forensic Analysis

BLC is suited to be your first choice for complex compliance audits, integrated control testing and remediation.

  • AML (Anti-Money Money Laundering)
  • BASEL I, II, III Accord (Basel Committee on Bank Supervision)
  • BSA (Bank Secrecy Act)
  • CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act)
  • GDPR 2018 (General Data Protection Regulation)
  • ICFR (Internal Control over Financial Reporting)
  • KYC (Know Your Customer)
  • KYCC (Know Your Customer’s Customer)
  • NAIC Model Audit Rule (MAR Section 16)
  • OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control)
  • SOX (Sarbanes Oxley Act, Sections 303 and 404)
  • US GAAP and IFRS Audits

We apply advanced techniques during our digital and accounting forensic analysis.

We trace the lifecycle of financial transactions through our clients financial and accounting Information Systems. Our approach is to be independent and objective.

We are Experts at Accounting Process Analysis

Example – Level 1 Cross Functional Diagram

Our analysis yields excellent results.