Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation allows our clients to use outside personnel on a temporary or longer interim basis to augment the skills and capacity of their organization.

We provide commodity, skill-based, and highly-skilled professional resources to our clients quickly within days, not months by leveraging our expansive network of top talent.  Our recruiting team is led by people who deeply understand the state of the industry.  This improves how we determine the best fit for candidates and companies and allows us to screen-in the best talent much more efficiently.  Due to our practical expertise we are simply better at identifying and vetting qualified candidates for client roles than typical staffing firms.  We put our candidates through the same skills matrix and acceptance criteria we use for hiring our own advisors and managing consultants.

These are the typical professional resources we provide to our clients on a short or long term basis:

Chief Accounting Officer
Chief Audit Executive
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Financial Officer
Chief Information Officer
Chief Security Officer
Chief Risk Officer
Chief Technology Officer
Compliance Analyst
Compliance Auditor
Corporate Accountant
Corporate Controller
Financial Analyst
Financial Statement Auditor
Information Technology Auditor
Information Technology Risk Assessor
Internal Controls Auditor